NTI Initiatives

COVID-19 Walk-in Vaccination Clinic

NTI, the Qikiqtani Inuit Association and Government of Nunavut are working together to vaccinate Iqalummiut to protect against COVID-19.

Covid-19 Vaccination Video Series

Nancy Mike, Registered Nurse Methusalah Kunuk Jena Merkosak Asenath Idlout – Registered Nurse Elaine Kilabuk – Doctor

Phase III Of Indigenous Community Support Funding Allocation

Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated (NTI) announces $8 million in additional supports to address food security and on-the-land physical distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.
NTI’s allocated funding will be held as a contingency in the event that further COVID-19 outbreaks occurred in Nunavut and is to be distributed by NTI in accordance with the approved formula and in consultation with the RIAs.

Seeking Inuit Health Care Professionals

NTI will reimburse the license fees for Inuit medical professionals who wish to obtain a license, or re-register in Nunavut including recent graduates.
For further information, contact covid-19@

NTI and GN – $2 million for community food programs

NTI and GN invested over $2 million for community food programs for children and Elders in response to COVID-19. These funds will go to hamlets and communities, to deliver programming to fit their needs.
During the pandemic, these funds will provide nutritious meals for Nunavut’s most vulnerable, using local expertise and networks. Communities under 1,000 people will receive $40,000; while those over 1,000 people will receive $90,000. Iqaluit will receive $200,000.

Hand washing for Inuit Beneficiaries

Program ended : May 31, 2020

NTI invested $1.25 million to ensure Inuit in Nunavut municipalities have a steady supply of clean water to wash hands. Municipalities are using the funds to ensure all households get daily water and sewer deliveries for the month of April, which may include hiring new drivers, extending delivery hours, paying overtime for drivers or ordering parts for trucks.

Inuit Organizations – Community Hunt Funds

Program ended : June 30, 2020

Inuit organizations are providing $10,000 to Hunters and Trappers Organizations (HTOs) in Nunavut to assist with community hunts and help reduce the impacts of COVID-19 on Inuit who face economic hardship and food insecurity.
The goal is to provide enhanced nutrition, food security and access to good, nutritious country food for individuals, families and communities that will strengthen immune their systems.